Why should I choose Smartcamp?

Dear Sir or Madam,

we do our best to meet the needs of all caravaning lovers, especially these for whom camper purchase is too big expense or just unnecessary spending. We develop solutions that make it possible to adapt ordinary cars to touristic purposes. We have chosen two key functions known from the real campers – bed and kitchenette. Then we adapted them to the car that you use on a daily routine. In consequence you can become the owner of a Smartcamp – small, but very functional camper. With these solutions, you can feel safe and freely choose the place where you spend a night during your next trip.

Offered bed module is a guarantee of accommodation. It does not matter whether you intend to spend the night at the campsite or you decide to take some rest “on the way”. You can always use bed mounted in the car and comfortably regenerate before continuing the journey.

Kitchen module is a small version of the real kitchen. This solution helps being organized and makes preparing uncomplicated meals much easier and faster.

Using small car quipped with our solutions has some additional advantages. Unlike a regular camper, it is easier to park in big cities, move around crowded streets or access to the various places of interest. It is also highly possible that you will save on fuel and subsequent charges – for a campsite, tolls on motorway and parking.

We are aware that our products cannot replace conventional campers. Nonetheless, for many people can be an interesting and useful alternative. If you are interested in our offer and you want to take a trip on your own terms, visit our website and contact us via email or phone.