What accessories is it worth to take for camping? Part I

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Travel in a camper is equal to almost full freedom in making decisions. You stop and take rest in a place that you consider as an appropriate one. Nothing can stop you from doing that, because you’re fully prepared for doing it. Sounds great, isn’t it? That’s why we designed Smartcamp modules that can easily transform your ordinary car into simple but functional camper.

We assume that you already have the most important element that lets you camping. You have your own car and your own cozy space where you can relax after a long, active day. It can be anything, small caravan, big camper or car converted into camper on your own. If you have gotten that far, we are sure that you loved caravaning and you won’t stop just on the dream car. Appetite grows with eating. Especially when it comes to the travelling.

Basing on our experience and previous trips, we’ve prepared a list of necessary accessories and add-ons. You may want to take some of them on your next trip to enjoy that time even more than so far. Those may be especially useful for those of you who use ordinary cars for touristic purposes as well as a full size camper’s owners

1. Vestibule – Tent

First accessory on our list is vestibule tent, which – in our opinion – is one of the the most useful accessories you can take with you on every camping trip. Nevertheless just next to you, in the car, comfortable bed waits for you, remember that right tent is still your best friends.

We are sure, you quickly appreciate that small but really useful piece of space. There you can organize your luggage, easily change clothes or eat a dinner when it rains outside. Tent can be freely pitched on the campground with all your needed stuff inside when you are going for a short trip with your car. You don’t have to think again about unpacking and packing. Everything wait for you.

From our experience the best for this purpose are Quechua Base Seconds vestibule tents. Base Seconds greatest advantage over others similar products is fast pitching system. It takes only 2 minutes to make tent ready to use. In the scenerio when you come to the campground late in the night, or even worse, in the heavy rain night it can save a lot of unnecessary nerves and confusion.

Vestibule tent succeeds also in its original function, as a place to sleep. Especially in case when you travel with more than 2 people and bed in the car is not enough for all of you. Your fellow traveler will be glad and appreciate the fact that you thought about the place to sleep for them.

Quechua tens can be bought on its official website.

2. Sun Shield

Do you prefer active holidays in the high mountains or lazy hours on the sandy beach? It doesn’t matter. Great summer is often associated with the sunny weather. Sun equals good mood and awaited all year round tan. Unfortunately, very high temperatures can be nuisance and in extreme cases it may be even hazardous to health.

Sun Shield protects from the sun and it is useful accessory when you want to relax a little bit in the fresh air. The shaded are is a great place to eat a dinner or take a rest and catch a moment of breath between activities.

No shady parking space at a campground will not be a problem anymore. Sun shield can be easily attached to the side of any car. What more, it can be pitched independently as a free standing structure. You can leave it for some time as in the case of vestibule tent. It also means that you can use Sun Shield after holidays and for instance pitch it in the garden for your children.

Sun Shield is offered in 3 colour variants and is produced by Smartcamp. If you are interested in buying it, visit and contact via contact form.

3. Wind Shield

If you have ever used a portable gas stove then you should know how annoying can be strong wind while cooking. Wind Shield is the solution for that problem. To cover the flame from the wind, it is enough to place shield just next to the cooker. It is stable and really simple solution, but also very effective.

Using the Wind Shield, you will quickly notice that cooking process has been significantly reduced, and the gas consumption has dropped remarkably too.

Wind Shield will be available on soon.

4. Table and Chairs

Remember, take a table and chairs when you go camping. These are invaluable things in many moments, e.g. while preparing and eating meals. Marriages resting in front of the car is quite a common sight on a campgrounds. We will not be wrong, claiming that you also would like to sit down and relax in the comfortable chair in front of your camper from time to time. Just like that, for no reason. Just because you are on the long awaited holiday.

When choosing chairs and a table it is worth to pay attention to the material which these are made from. Aluminium is much lighter than steal and has similar strength at the same time. Appropriate chair covers can facilitate transportation, and also protects against accidental damage to the material and unnecessary expenditures.

We can recommend the King Camp brand which specializes in the touristic products. Their offer includes – among other things – high-quality chairs and well designed tables, which in our opinion work really well in practice.

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