Bed module in this version is suitable to vans. It is the most practical and convenient solution from our offer. Size of the vans has major impact on module construction and guarantees high level of comfort, wide and comfortable bed as well as a lot of storage space.


Travel up to 3 people

Bed & Storage Module allows to travel and sleep in the car up to 3 people.


Camping is not necessary

Since now you are completely independent and free. Camping is a great and convenient option to relax. However, if you do not find it at the moment, you can feel safe. Your bed is right next to you.


Quick assembly and removal

Module can be installed by one person and it is a matter of a few minutes.

Ready to sleep

Installation of the bed frame takes place in the cargo compartment and is very easy. After installation, bed is ready to sleep all the time during the trip. Moreover you have straight and easy access to the storage space in any time you need your things.

In case of passenger vans, it is required to remove rear seats before Bed Module assembly.

Module is available mainly for passenger and cargo vans.

Separated place for a fridge and chemical toilet

We know that bed is not enough and you need to take also all the necessary belongings ang baggage with you. That’s why bed frame has dual functionality. It provides and separates a storage space which is located under the bed surface. In addition we created special place for fridge and chemical toilet if you would like to keep them with you while traveling.

3 widths of the bed to choose

  • 80cm – bed for one person – additional free pace can be used to transport other equipment such as bike, surfing board or kayak
  • 120cm – bed for two people – optimal version of the bed for touristic and traveling purposes
  • 140cm – bed for three people – bed occupies almost entire width of the car. Three people can sleep on it if needed

Couch and table

Bed can be converted into sofa with the table next to it within a few seconds.

Don’t you know which version of the Bed Module you should choose? Need an advice? Contact us!