If you would like to travel with two people only, this is set for you! You can sleep wherever you want, without looking for a camping and pitching a tent. Two people travelling by car is optimal choice.


Travel up to 2 people

Design of the Bed Duo Module reduces number of travelers to 2 people. As a result, you gain additional space for luggage and more comfort.


Take rest while you need it

You did not plan accommodation for the night or you are tired after long way? Do you like to travel without specific plan and purpose? With double bed in the car you don’t have to look for hotel or camping to take some rest. You can do it anywhere you stop.

Car space is organized in the best possible way

We do our best to make our products functional and comfortable at the same time. There’s a reason why we have prepared this version of the bed. Removal of unnecessary seats helps to organize space in the car in most optimal way. Consequently you get more luggage space and easier access to it.

Module is available mainly for minivans and small passenger cars.

Quick and simple installation

The only difficulty that you need to deal with in order to install module is removal of the second row of the seats. It is worth to do it, believe us. It will be translated into higher level of comfort on your holidays. Bed installation is intuitive and very simple, it should not take longer than 30 minutes.

Easy storage

Elements of the bed are light and easy to carry. All of them take up just a little space and can be simply stored when you do not use the module.

Don’t you know which version of the Bed Module you should choose? Need an advice? Contact us!