Would you like to be able to take a rest anywhere on the road? Are you planning a crazy family trip and holidays at the campground? Great choice, this version of bed module should meet all your needs.


Not limited number of passenegers

Bed Module Classic does not limit the number of passengers in the car. Take your family or friends with you.


Mounted in the car even in the off-season

Light-weight and foldable construction of the bed allows to keep it in the car even off the season.

Two people sleep in the car
Rest in the tent!

Traveling in 5 people? Two of you can use bed in the car, but what about the rest? Bring a suitable and useful tent with you! At night, tent makes additional place to sleep for the next travelers and luggage. During the day it works as a functional, private space that is isolated from other users of the camping.

We offer specious tents which are suitable for this purposes.


Module is available mainly for passenger vans, minivans and smaller cars.

No seats removal

Bed frame is mounted using backseats. Installation takes a little time and do not interfere into vehicle structure. In addition, making bed ready to sleep takes just seconds.


Do you wonder where you put all your luggage if you installed the bed? You need to know that almost the entire trunk is still at your disposal when bed is folded. When bed is prepared and ready to sleep, there is still space under its frame and in the front of the car. If you are travelling with more than 2 people then use the right tent to keep your belongings!

Don’t you know which version of the Bed Module you should choose? Need an advice? Contact us!